Ideal Woman pt2

This is the second part of my last post concerning the Ideal Woman. I am not sure if I will continue to break this into two separate posts, but it was something I felt best for the first two chapters.
If you are reading this and haven’t read the last post, it may be best that you go back, so that you will better understand what I am writing about.
There were two assignments, but I am choosing to focus more on the second assignment. The first assignment was to write out twenty-five qualities you possess(just in case you were wondering). The second one was for me to write out the Angelic and Human qualities that I have and ones I need to work on.
I believe that I have a stronger Angelic side than human. As I read up on the Angelic side I saw these were the reasons Kerwin fell in love with me.He feels that I understand him for who he is. He saw the inner happiness that I have, my character and my love for my domestic duties. I will admit, that there are times that I have to work on understanding since I know I am not 100% of the time, but he tells me that he knows that I understand him.
My Human qualities are what I have been working on the past week. Human qualities are Feminine, radiates happiness and childlikeness. The feminine part is what I have been working on most. I believe I am feminine, but I also know that I can be a take charge type of person. There have been times in my life that I had to be in order to get things done. Now that I am married, I have to remember that I can relax and not take charge of things. I am happy that I have a husband that does get things done so I can relax whenever I need to. I am glad that he sees that I am trying to “be cool”, his words lol.
I am grateful to have this book to remind me of things that will be helpful to my marriage.


Ideal Woman

I wrote in my last post that I was starting to read Fascinating Womanhood. I read through the first two chapters and completed the assignments. This post I will try to give a brief summary of those chapters. The first chapter was speaking of examples of man’s true love for woman. It also encouraged how it was possible for your husband to truely love you.
The second chapter was learning of the ideal woman through a man’s eyes and qualities they look for in a woman. As I read, I did notice that men look at qualities that women sometimes do not pay much attention to. I find in my own marriage things that I find least fascinating are the things that Kerwin finds most attractive about me. I saw in this chapter that men find girlishness, tenderness, sweetness of character and the ability to understand men attractive. I also saw how this was true with Kerwin and I. One of the main things that made him fall in love with me was that he knew I understood who he was as a person and accepted that.
The next part of the second chapter continued to go into dept of the ideal woman divided into two parts. The Angelic and the Human.
The Angelic, Helen states, “Awaken a feeling near worship. They bring a man peace and happiness”. These are spiritual qualities, which are good character, understanding of men, domestic skills, and a quality of inner happiness.
The Human side,”Fascinate, amuse, enchant, and arouse a tender desire to protect and shelter.” Her appearance, manner, and feminine nature which include things such as childlikeness, good health, and radiance.
She explained in a few examples how some women possess some of these qualities, but lacked in others and how it effected the relationship.She intends to explain how we can possess them all to be the ideal woman for our husband.
Now that I gave a summary of the chapters, my next blog post will be about the assignments and Kerwin’s reaction to them as I complete them.

Studying to Become a Better Wife For My Husband

I finally got life somewhat back on track, to be able to take the time to blog again. I feel horrible when I can not be consistent in my blogging. Hopefully my new schedule will help me stay on track.
Nehemiah will be 6 months in a couple weeks. It’s been very exciting to see him grow. He is such a blessing to us. He brings such joy to our lives.
Lately, as I have been reading to him, I felt the need to get back to my own personal Bible study.
As most of you know, having a new baby can become a challenge to a marriage when it comes to balancing time with caring for baby, household chores and time for your spouse.  Thankfully, my husband is a very patient man and very understanding when I am tired by the end of the day. He has been a great help; I call him my superman. On rough days he comes home from a 12 hr shift and still has enough energy to assist me in anyway he can. I couldn’t ask for a better husband. 
Anyway, as I was reading to Nehemiah I thought about a book that I had purchased a couple of years ago, but never got a chance to finish reading it. I found it very insightful and enjoyed the info in it. I felt that now was the time for me to read and complete it. I felt this was now the time to get back to focusing more on my marriage and my husband Kerwin. I am always looking for improvment on being a better wife. He is such a great husband and I know at times I can be something to deal with lol. The book is called ‘Fascinating Womanhood’ by Helen Andelin. I will be reading and blogging about the assignments and Kerwin’s reactions to them(he doesn’t know about me reading this book). I can’t wait to start this little journey. I have already started rereading it. The first few pages have been again, a blessing. I can’t wait to apply the methods and keep track of the progress. This is something I know can be a blessing to me and I hope it will be one to you also. I encourage every woman to purchase the book.

If you have heard of the book or read it, what are your thoughts?


Wow, it has been so long since I have blogged. The last time I wrote, I was sharing my feelings of being anxious about labor. Can you believe I went into labor later on into the night lol. God has blessed me to have a wonderful, safe, natural, unassisted birth. I will post the story on a later date. It was the most wonderful experience. It was exciting for my husband and to be able to share this experience with my mother and younger sister. Our Nehemiah was born November 14, 2013 at 4:16 p.m. He is now 3 months and is a very happy and alert baby.
I have thought about writing many times, but I have been adjusting to my new life as a mother. It has been quite an adjustment. My life is no longer about me. God has given me the responsibility of another. I do not take it lightly. We are still faithfully reading the Word of God to him daily (something I started in the womb). We just completed Ecclesiastes. I thank God for His Word, it has blessed me and at times I wonder if the reading is more for me than Nehemiah lol.
God is doing something in our lives and I am happy how He has and is preparing our hearts and minds for His blessings. As you all have read in a couple of my post on encouraging my husband and our financial situation, God has blessed us in that area as well. God has gave my husband favor on the job and is now a supervisor. That was a wonderful holiday surprise!
Now that my Kerwin has this promotion and our new baby we are desiring to purchase a home. It has been a desire before these wonderful events but we feel it’s time to start pursuing it. We are now establishing a financial plan to get that accomplished.
Now that things are getting settled I am hoping to faithfully start writing again.

Be Anxious for Nothing (Not Even Labor)

As my due date approaches, I began to wonder when will my sweet little one arrive. The days pass and I know he can come at anytime. I sometimes ask throughout the day, “Are you ready to come?” I look for signs, symptoms and any changes that hint he is on the way. I feel disappointed that nothing has happened and he seems to be content with staying put.
I get so excited by the fact he can come at anytime that I find myself getting anxious and wonder when will he make his way here? We are waiting, I tell him. I ask waiting for some response and I never get one. Finally the Lord gets my attention and tells me to not be anxious. I feel convicted, but reassured that he is coming soon.
I then realize that God knows the day and hour. He knows what needs to be in place for the birth that He intends for me to have. He knows how to set things up to ensure a safe and peaceful labor and delivery. He knows that I may need to get something accomplished before his arrival  He may need to impart one more thing in my baby before he is to be placed into me and my husband’s arms. He may even need to show us something or gives us some type of instruction, I don’t know, but He does. I realize that I can not rush the minutes. There is a time and he will be here. Once I realize this, I have peace. I understand and am more relaxed. I tell the Lord okay, I will wait. I ask for forgiveness. I ask baby for forgiveness as well.
It is a challenge, to be so close, but yet so far away from something. It’s easy to get anxious, especially in this day of age when almost everyone you know does not make it to their 40th week for one reason or another. You then hear if your baby is not here by this time you are at risk of being induced or baby gets too big you will have to be induced. Fear starts to creep in and you wonder if everything is okay even when you know that all is well. This is where the Word of God comes in to reassure that we are not to fear, He is with us. When we start to fear that is a telltale sign that the enemy is at play. “God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7)”.The scripture that comes to mind these days for me is Philippians 4:6 Be anxious for nothing; but every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
I spend these last days resting, reading and spending time with my husband and family. I know once he is here our lives will be forever changed. I look forward to motherhood and can’t wait until he gets here, but for now I rest and wait in peace.

The Lord is Building This House

Yesterday’s reading came from Psalm 127:1-2.
Psalm 127:1 Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.
v2: It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.

I sat and mediated a bit on these two verses. “Except the Lord build a house they labor in vain…” I saw that the Lord has to be the one to build our homes, cities, and lives. Anything we do is in vain. I see this in my own life as we are going through these hard financial times. He is using the present situations to build our home. He is building a house of faith and bring us to a place we have never been before in Him. I rather for Him to build our home and rest in Him. If I choose any other way and see what we (Kerwin and I) can come up with, our labor will be in vain and our home will come crashing down by not following Christ and allowing Him to build the way He sees fit.
When He does it, we need not to worry about anything. It doesn’t make sense for us to rise early and stay up late trying to build our homes, and trying to figure things out. It leads us to nowhere, but stress and worry and push us further away from God our Father. When God builds, He will keep us, it will be worth it, it will not be in vain.
“He give his beloved sleep.” As we rest, He is steadily building and orchestrating things. We are being supplied for. We need not to worry, we need not to fret. When God is building, He will keep us and finish the work. It will be beautiful.
These are the things that are coming to me as I read the Psalms during this season in my life. I want the Lord to build my house. I know if I have Him as the builder, my house will be strong. It won’t collapse. I choose today for the Lord to build this house.
Is the Lord building your house or are you laboring in vain?

Thanking God for the Opportunity to Trust in Him

Today I read Psalm 120.
Psalm 120: 1 In my distress I cried unto the LORD, and he heard me.
I thank God for hearing my cries and answering my prayers. My husband and I have been placed in a situation where we have to continue to decide whether we will trust in the Lord to see us through. I thank the Lord for His Word that encourages us to do so and to be able to see the results of resting and trusting in Him. He has allowed things to happen to show how much He loves us and wants to take care of us if we allow Him to. I thank God for His Word for showing me how much He wants to be our Abba Father. He wants to show us all what He is capable of doing if we allow Him the opportunity.
We look at our situations and get discouraged forgetting we serve a God who will provide. He allows us to go through things to be able to show us all that He can be there for us. We sometimes miss this by stressing and responding as the world responds.
Psalm 119:71 It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statues.
This is how I have been feeling. When my husband started going through with his jobs and our finances started to dry up as never before and doors that we thought were opening were closing, I went into a panic mode, trying to figure out what is it that we are suppose to do now? Why are we going through this? What could we have done to go through this at this time in our lives? Does God not see that we have a child on the way soon and He has put us in a situation where we can’t prepare for him? I wanted to give up. We honestly felt abandoned by God at this point. My husband was so discouraged and I felt his pain. I felt lost and confused. I cried out to the Lord and decided to go back to the Word. The only other option was to walk away from my faith and I couldn’t because I knew God is real. It was hard, but I had to press through to see the end. Ever since I have found such encouragement in His word. I was able to finally say my heart is fixed (Psalm 108:1; 112:7) to know that I could trust Him to provide some kind of way and to praise Him for doing so.
What started to seem like the end of our lives as we know it, has been a blessing for us to see who God is as our Father, Provider and Comforter.
I don’t know the end result of this because we are still in the midst of this trial, but what I do know, it has been a blessing for us to see how God can work in any situation. I know and am encouraged to know that He has shown me that He has brought us to this place. What seemed to be a trap of the enemy is actually God setting us up for deliverance in this area of ours lives. That it will no longer be an issue for us once we are out. I praise Him for bringing us to this place. It will be a story to tell our son and his siblings of this walk of faith. Lesson for them to know, that no matter what, they can trust our Father to see them through.