Learning to Stand in Faith with and for My Husband

It has been a rough couple of weeks for my husband. He has been seeking a better paying, more fulfilling job. It has been a challenge waiting as we see our finances dry up. With each passing day, I see my husband grow more frustrated and feel abandoned by the Lord. Watching him respond this way hurts and I try to remind him that all will get better. I remind him we can praise God that all bills are paid up and nothing is cut off or threatened to be turned off. We have made it another month and still have a place to call home. I try to rest in these things knowing that God has made sure everything has been provided for. Yet, when looking up ahead it looks… well you know bleak. That puts fear in our hearts. The days seem to get tougher to get through. Day after day he comes home with another thing that went wrong at work. I start to find my encouraging words no longer having the effect they once had. I see the hurt and anger rise up in my husband’s eyes as he leaves for work and comes home. It worries me. When I try to encourage and see it’s not working I find myself getting frustrated with him. Wondering why he won’t seem to just stand on God’s Word and promises that a better day is ahead. I admit I understand his frustration. He is overworked, underpaid and unappreciated, not to mention we recently found out we are expecting our blessed little one. Though we are very happy it’s hard to really rejoice and enjoy this wonderful time with such financial stress.
Over the past couple of days I found myself frustrated with his frustration. I started to think he was giving up on God being able to help and deliver us. I worried about my husband and this route he is going down. In my heart I know he won’t give in to the enemy, but it still hurts seeing him hurt and there is nothing I can do.
I woke up this morning with a praise to God. I knew for the past couple of days that the best thing to do was to keep moving and praising God for deliverance! This morning I found that sometimes speaking is not always necessary. Sometimes, just hearing him express his heart with a sympathetic  ear was enough. I take what he has shared in my private time of prayer. Days before, I was getting mad at him, but that only turned us against each other in a fight where we needed each other. God convicted me. How much did I take this situation in serious prayer to God on behalf of my husband? I did pray for him throughout the day, but seriously just went in and cry out on his behalf. Speak the Word over him and read aloud God’s promises in prayer. Set the atomsphere in my home to one of praise and thanksgiving to what God has done and what He is going to do.  Today, I went into prayer speaking His Word with confidence that He will deliver and open the doors that no man can close. I went in knowing that God, our Father knows the things we are in need of. 
As my husband’s help meet, it is my job to go before the Lord in prayer and stand with my husband in faith. Even if he’s weak, I learn to hear his cries and take them to the Lord and to speak the Word to my husband’s spirit.
As wives we need to continue to stand with our husbands. We need to be cover them in constant prayer. The enemy is out to destroy our families anyway he can, but know that as we stand in faith, VICTORY is ours!


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