O.M.G Not Lil Miley Cyrus Too?! (Yes, Lil Miley Too)

Sunday night and Monday when I was online, I kept seeing post and trends of “Miley Cyrus VMAs performance”. At first I ignored it thinking okay who cares what she did, but eventually curiosity got the best of me. I looked into it briefly to see what the heck all the fuss was. I read how she “Crossed the line” and became “Skank of the year”. I finally found the video of the performance and I must say she looked a mess and I do not think I will look at a foam finger the same.
After watching it, my only question was does she realize how stupid she looks? I guess that’s a stupid question to ask. If she had eyes to see, she would see that she looks insane. I thought the girl was on some type of drug. She is truly deceived to think that she did an amazing performance.
As I was watching the video and reading a couple of articles about it, I read the comments (I love to read comments :)) Everyone was saying, how crazy she looks, “O.M.G not Miley”, “My children watched her on Disney!”, “What happened to her?”
Some of these comments were from Christians and I ask the Christians. Why are we so shock that it’s Miley Cyrus? Why not Miley Cyrus? Who is she? You’re in shock because she was on Disney a supposedly Children’s channel. Since when Disney glorified Christ? Since when did Miley ever lift up the name Christ? I have not heard anywhere, anytime that Miley was brought up with Godly parents in a godly household and taught godly ways. Why were you ever allowing your children to watch her show or anything on Disney in the first place? I see no difference between her and Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and anyone else out there that is shaking their butt around and singing songs that makes absolutely no sense. Miley Cyrus is doing what she is supposed to be doing because she is under the devil’s control.
I also seen a picture of Will Smith’s family watching the performance. I guess they were supposed to be in shock. Well Will, Willow is on the same path if she don’t come to Jesus and get out of Hollywood. I don’t see any difference between the two. Willow is already wild looking and has no parental guidance.
I look at fellow followers of Christ who lift up these lil celebrities like they are so cute and allow their children to watch them and sing their songs. When will you realize it’s all in the enemy’s plan? He gets these celebrity kids while they are young and having us thinking they are innocent and cute and it’s okay to watch their show, it’s okay to sing their song. A little compromise here and there and then they grow up with your child’s loyalty and become grown and the true intentions surface and you are slapped in the face. You should be slapped in the face for following that. This is exactly what the enemy wants. He want you, your children and your family. He has these kids start off young so we can grow up with them and accept their ungodliness little by little. I hope everyone now sees this is the norm. Miley isn’t the first to go buck wild and she won’t be the last. Notice how they keep saying things like, “She is shedding her Disney image”,  “She’s all grown up” They say this about every young actor, actress, singer when they grow up and start acting “sexy”. Hearing she’s all grown up sends the message that this is what grown ups do when they are grown. Then you wonder why your child wants to do this and behave that way. Acting like that does not make you a grown up. It makes you a puppet for the enemy. Our children are in danger. Go before God and ask Him on how to get your children’s hearts to focus on Christ and not this garbage that is out here. Miley and all these other little children are being used to get your children to follow this crazy worldly system.


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