Be Anxious for Nothing (Not Even Labor)

As my due date approaches, I began to wonder when will my sweet little one arrive. The days pass and I know he can come at anytime. I sometimes ask throughout the day, “Are you ready to come?” I look for signs, symptoms and any changes that hint he is on the way. I feel disappointed that nothing has happened and he seems to be content with staying put.
I get so excited by the fact he can come at anytime that I find myself getting anxious and wonder when will he make his way here? We are waiting, I tell him. I ask waiting for some response and I never get one. Finally the Lord gets my attention and tells me to not be anxious. I feel convicted, but reassured that he is coming soon.
I then realize that God knows the day and hour. He knows what needs to be in place for the birth that He intends for me to have. He knows how to set things up to ensure a safe and peaceful labor and delivery. He knows that I may need to get something accomplished before his arrival  He may need to impart one more thing in my baby before he is to be placed into me and my husband’s arms. He may even need to show us something or gives us some type of instruction, I don’t know, but He does. I realize that I can not rush the minutes. There is a time and he will be here. Once I realize this, I have peace. I understand and am more relaxed. I tell the Lord okay, I will wait. I ask for forgiveness. I ask baby for forgiveness as well.
It is a challenge, to be so close, but yet so far away from something. It’s easy to get anxious, especially in this day of age when almost everyone you know does not make it to their 40th week for one reason or another. You then hear if your baby is not here by this time you are at risk of being induced or baby gets too big you will have to be induced. Fear starts to creep in and you wonder if everything is okay even when you know that all is well. This is where the Word of God comes in to reassure that we are not to fear, He is with us. When we start to fear that is a telltale sign that the enemy is at play. “God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7)”.The scripture that comes to mind these days for me is Philippians 4:6 Be anxious for nothing; but every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
I spend these last days resting, reading and spending time with my husband and family. I know once he is here our lives will be forever changed. I look forward to motherhood and can’t wait until he gets here, but for now I rest and wait in peace.


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