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My blog is a transparent journey of my life as a wife and mother to the wonderful family  that God has given me. It is my journal on the lessons God has taught and currently teaching me on how to become a better help meet to my husband and mother to our little blessings.

I am learning that the life of a wife and woman is truly a ministry. One that I do not take lightly.

I have always desire to be able to minister to those in need in this area. I now understand that my daily life, in doing my daily task can minister and encourage.
I know this is my calling and it is my hope that my journey ministers to those who read it.

I believe it is important that we as believers start to focus on our spouse and children God has blessed us with. It is time to become one with our mates and together prepare and train our children to be arrows for the Lord to fight against the enemy. It’s time to become one unit, get our homes in order, get the hearts of our children and grow in Christ together. It should be the desire of every Christian married couple to build a dynasty for Christ. It is my desire along with my husband’s. This blog is our journey to that.


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