Ideal Woman

I wrote in my last post that I was starting to read Fascinating Womanhood. I read through the first two chapters and completed the assignments. This post I will try to give a brief summary of those chapters. The first chapter was speaking of examples of man’s true love for woman. It also encouraged how it was possible for your husband to truely love you.
The second chapter was learning of the ideal woman through a man’s eyes and qualities they look for in a woman. As I read, I did notice that men look at qualities that women sometimes do not pay much attention to. I find in my own marriage things that I find least fascinating are the things that Kerwin finds most attractive about me. I saw in this chapter that men find girlishness, tenderness, sweetness of character and the ability to understand men attractive. I also saw how this was true with Kerwin and I. One of the main things that made him fall in love with me was that he knew I understood who he was as a person and accepted that.
The next part of the second chapter continued to go into dept of the ideal woman divided into two parts. The Angelic and the Human.
The Angelic, Helen states, “Awaken a feeling near worship. They bring a man peace and happiness”. These are spiritual qualities, which are good character, understanding of men, domestic skills, and a quality of inner happiness.
The Human side,”Fascinate, amuse, enchant, and arouse a tender desire to protect and shelter.” Her appearance, manner, and feminine nature which include things such as childlikeness, good health, and radiance.
She explained in a few examples how some women possess some of these qualities, but lacked in others and how it effected the relationship.She intends to explain how we can possess them all to be the ideal woman for our husband.
Now that I gave a summary of the chapters, my next blog post will be about the assignments and Kerwin’s reaction to them as I complete them.


Studying to Become a Better Wife For My Husband

I finally got life somewhat back on track, to be able to take the time to blog again. I feel horrible when I can not be consistent in my blogging. Hopefully my new schedule will help me stay on track.
Nehemiah will be 6 months in a couple weeks. It’s been very exciting to see him grow. He is such a blessing to us. He brings such joy to our lives.
Lately, as I have been reading to him, I felt the need to get back to my own personal Bible study.
As most of you know, having a new baby can become a challenge to a marriage when it comes to balancing time with caring for baby, household chores and time for your spouse.  Thankfully, my husband is a very patient man and very understanding when I am tired by the end of the day. He has been a great help; I call him my superman. On rough days he comes home from a 12 hr shift and still has enough energy to assist me in anyway he can. I couldn’t ask for a better husband. 
Anyway, as I was reading to Nehemiah I thought about a book that I had purchased a couple of years ago, but never got a chance to finish reading it. I found it very insightful and enjoyed the info in it. I felt that now was the time for me to read and complete it. I felt this was now the time to get back to focusing more on my marriage and my husband Kerwin. I am always looking for improvment on being a better wife. He is such a great husband and I know at times I can be something to deal with lol. The book is called ‘Fascinating Womanhood’ by Helen Andelin. I will be reading and blogging about the assignments and Kerwin’s reactions to them(he doesn’t know about me reading this book). I can’t wait to start this little journey. I have already started rereading it. The first few pages have been again, a blessing. I can’t wait to apply the methods and keep track of the progress. This is something I know can be a blessing to me and I hope it will be one to you also. I encourage every woman to purchase the book.

If you have heard of the book or read it, what are your thoughts?

Reading Time with Little One

Since finding out we’re expecting, I thought it to be very important to start reading the Word to my baby in the womb. I know they say they can’t hear until so many week but I don’t care. Whether or not he can hear physically, I know baby’s spirit can hear. With that being said, every day when I wake up, I read to his spirit. I believe it is important for him to be familiarize with the Word of God. Hopefully, another post I will go further into this importance, but for the sake of this post I will get to the point.
Right now we are reading in Psalms. I wanted to share a couple of verses from today’s reading. It was wonderful to read and mediate on. It spoke of how the heavens show God’s work and His glory.
I hope it blesses you as well.
Psalm 19:1-3
v1: The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.
v2: Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.
v3: There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.